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Locally Owned Barber Shop – History of Tradition & Excellent Service:

Men's Barber Shop in Portland Oregon

Located just east of downtown Portland, our barber shop has been in business for three years. Renamed, “The Influential Grooming Lounge” in 2017 and brought under the new ownership and management of Arthur Williams, Jayson Jean Baptiste, and Harold Fowlkes. The same high quality and commitment to the local community has remained our focus. We have offered grooming services that reflect a sophistication and uniqueness associated with the Portland, Oregon area since 2015.

Our Mission & Vision:

At The Influential Grooming Lounge, the client is our top priority. Our customers will be given the highest quality of service from the moment they walk in, to the moment they leave. We believe that every customer that comes into our place of business will leave empowered, encouraged and influenced.

Here at, The Influential Grooming Lounge, we are committed to influencing our community not just with a haircut or service but with actions of involvement. We will influence beyond the chair. We will establish ourselves as a staple in our community. A place where one can come to be encouraged to go and be impactful and influential in their homes, workplace, schools, etc.

For us, it is more than the best haircut or service. It is the enhancement of self, community influence and the solidarity of legacy!

An Inside the view look at The Influential Grooming Lounge in Portland Oregon

 Our Hours of Operation are:
Tuesday- Saturday 10am-7pm
We are Closed on Sunday & Monday
(Exceptions by Appointment per Stylist/Barber)

Stop by anytime during our business hours and say, “Hello!”. We have a friendly staff and comfortable environment to lounge in while waiting for your service. Our stylists are not only skilled, but friendly and the professional level quality you should expect from an individual tasked with giving you the best haircut in Portland, Oregon. Should you have any questions about our services which range from haircuts, to beard trimming, braiding and much more, just call us. You can stop by our Contact Us page and give us a call or make reservations. We would love to hear from you!


The Influential Grooming Lounge
3262 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd 
Portland, OR 97212

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